Contracts Manager in Riyadh

Administrating the contract management process from the contract development to contract closing; ensuring that all projects are being executed in adherence to contractual requirements in respect of time and budget, quantity and quality, and resolving contractual matters and claims. Overseeing the approval and certifications of vouchers and ensuring that payments are being received/disbursed as per the contracts’ terms and conditions.

Key Responsibilities of Contracts Manager in Riyadh:                  

Strategic Duties

·       Supervising the implementation of the department’s plans, as well as ensuring their compliance with company’s rules and policies

·       Developing work plans; assigning work activities, projects and programs, monitoring work flow, reviewing and evaluating work methods and procedures, and directing such activities to serve goals and plans

·       Proposing plans and programs that boost the work effectiveness

·       Ensuring that instructions, circulars and organizational and technical decisions are followed and applied

·       Ensuring that work activities are carried out according to the pre-set performance goals, and suggesting any necessary actions to the Vice President of Operations

·       Conducting periodic meetings with the team to follow up smooth running of activities and keeping abreast with latest business-related practices

Executive & Technical Duties

·       Ensuring that contract administrators have a clear and mutual understanding of the contracts’ requirements

·       Overseeing contractual correspondence and financial matters, including vouchers approval, payments procedures, and the certifications of subcontractors’ payments, identification and assessment of change orders

·       Assisting in the preparation of subcontract agreements and the development of related documents such as bills of quantities, and execution schedule

·       Supervising contracts administrators on projects and ensuring that all projects are being executed as per the contractual agreements

·       Reviewing reports submitted by contracts administrators on projects and taking decisions to deal with any matters that may affect contractual commitments and requirements

·       Overseeing subcontractors awarding and agreements and participating in the negotiations of changes, modifications and claims

·       Ensuring that subcontractors are performing well in terms of providing supplies/services of required quality on the scheduled time as per the contracts requirements

·       Working with concerned parties to resolve contractual issues, claims and disputes in favor of ESEC

·       Recommending ways and practices for efficient contract administration to achieve better performance

·       Dealing with difficulties encountered during performance and failures to comply with technical requirements of contracts, and identifying potential sources of conflict to help avoid future problems

·       Ensuring that contracts are being closed in a satisfactory manner and as per the predefined agreements

·       Maintaining documents and reports related to contract’s execution, difficulties encountered, claims resolved, vouchers and correspondence with the clients/sub-contractors

General Administrative Duties

·       Preparing periodic reports with respect to the department’s activities and achievements to be submitted to the Vice President of BU Operations

·       Specifying manpower requirements for the department according to the recruitment and selection and human resources planning practices

·       Recommending training needs of subordinates and evaluating the outcomes of training courses in coordination with the concerned human resources personnel

·       Following-up on employee administrative affairs such as: vacations, leaves …etc

·       Participating in performance appraisals for subordinates according to scheduled plans and recommending necessary actions as per the applied practices

·       Nominating a deputy to carry out the responsibilities of the position whenever the need arises

·       Performing other duties related to the job as assigned by the Vice President of Operations


Key Competencies/Skills:  

·       Professional knowledge in contract management of projects

·       Knowledge in Saudi laws and regulations concerning contracts Communication skills

·       Communication skills

·       Interpersonal skills

·       Coordination and follow up skills

·       Professional problem solving skills

·       Negotiation skills

Education/Experience Required:

·       Degree in Quantity Surveying

·       Fifteen (15) years of experience in contract administration of large scale projects

·       Proficiency in written, read and spoken English and Arabic languages


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