Leasing Officer

Leasing Officer
General Description
Leasing Officer is responsible for leasing residential and commercial properties in Abu Dhabi, UAE scouting for landlords and tenants and making them sign lease agreements between each other. Building a competitive and profitable environment, a Leasing Officer maximizes cost and achieves company’s business objectives.
Daily Duties
• Sourcing the right prospect from the real estate market and convert them to a tenant
• Generate lists of properties that are compatible with tenants / landlords needs and financial resources
• Contact the daily assigned leads by the company
• Qualify the tenants requirements to match with the proper units in coordination with the listing team
• Act as an intermediary in negotiations between landlords and tenants, generally representing one or the other (downtown of AD)
• Update the Masterkey systems with the feedback about each and every lead
• Maintain a proper follow-up on the existing leads aby creating future date activities and reminders
• Conducting presentations on properties to tenants
• Accompany tenants during visits and inspections of property, advising them on the suitability and value of properties they are visiting
• Prepare documents such as representation contracts, rent agreements, closing statements
• Assisting tenants with handover of properties and prepare contracts and invoices
• Assisting with daily bank procedures, as required
• Coordination with the internal department such as Listing, Call Center, Finance and Marketing
• Providing the company with valid data maintaining accurate records on properties, clients, and landlords in database
• Sourcing tenants leads from the existing clients and the market as well
• Maintain ideal and proper level of customer service
• Provide valid documentation for the tenants to be able to proceed with the deals closing
• Make sure that you reach before the client for any viewing appointment
• Fill up the viewing undertaking form for every viewing and submit to line manager
• Daily task reporting by email to your line manager
• Weekly and monthly review for the assigned leads with the line manager
Business Development
• Represent the company in key networking events, open house, exhibitions and others
• Follow up with new properties & development in Abu Dhabi Market
• Ensuring an effective working relationship with landlords, developers and clients
• Asking clients for referrals
Competitive Analysis
• Pay attention to changes in the market rates, competitor analysis, upcoming projects and amend the leasing strategy whenever required
• Compare a property with similar properties that have recently leased in order to determine its competitive market price
• Generate lists of properties that are compatible with tenants / landlords needs and financial resources
• Compare our services with competitors & assuring our standards above the market
• Sharing competitive knowledge with your team mates & superiors
• Up-to-date knowledge of our website & assuring communication with marketing team for any feedback, advices, suggestion
• Reviewing advertisement on daily basis & assuring the availability & the correctness of its contents
• Inventory management
• Search for availabilities using the Master key system
• Decide on the property to present to clients
• Following up on existing &potential property availability and having max coverage of availability
Supplier Liaison
• Maintain professional relationship with all tenants and landlords
• Ensure consistent communication with landlords
• Ensure confidentiality of company and listing information
• Updating listing and leasing teams invtentory on daily, weekly and monthly basis and assisting them on updates
Ideal Candidate
• Must possess excellent communication skills
• Bilingual (English and Arabic)
• Minimum 1 year of experience within Real Estate (Sales OR Leasing) industry
• Excellent computer skills and proficient in MS Office
• Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills
• A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards and a diverse workplace
• Excels at operating in an fast pace environment
• Must have a valid Driving License and a vehicle

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